10 Awesome Office Spaces that will give you Office Envy.

10 Awesome Office Spaces that will give you Office Envy.

There are certain brands we can’t live without – they’re part of our every day lives in so many ways! Do you ever wonder where all the magic happens? Well, we can tell you that amazing things happen in amazing office spaces – and we’ve got proof. Here are some well-known brands and their cool office design, bound to induce some office envy.

1. Etsy Corporate Headquarters, Brooklyn

The Etsy reception features a living wall of plants and large, dramatic pendant lights. Image: Etsy

There are plenty of areas throughout Etsy’s office spaces to get your craft on. Image: Etsy

The Green Library may be the coolest hangout in the Etsy Corporate Headquarters, featuring a wall of plants and a hanging basket chair. Image: Etsy

2. Nike NYC Offices

Nike’s NYC offices are sleek and industrial. Image: Nike

The Nike cafeteria. Image: Nike

3. Airbnb Headquarters, San Francisco

A living wall of green plants is both stunning and helpful for interior air quality. Image: Gensler

Camping-style workspaces and meeting rooms. Image: Gensler

4. Apple Park Headquarters, Cupertino

A contemplative space with a view in the new Apple Park headquarters. Image: Apple

5. Beats by Dr. Dre, Los Angeles

A giant wall mural of Los Angeles is the focal point of the main workspace area. Image: Bestor Architecture

Whiteboard walls allow creatives to scribble ideas on the wall on the fly. Image: Bestor Architecture

6. Google Offices, New York City

The ceiling panel in the meeting area projects images and video overhead. Image: Interior Architects

Tech companies are famous for their perks. This bright and sunny space with hammocks is a unique one. Image: Interior Architects

7. Amazon Corporate Headquarters, Seattle

Designed to be part of the community, the Amazon offices in Seattle feature indoor and outdoor spaces. Image: NBBJ

Industrial cool tones and steel are offset by vibrant reds and oranges. Image: NBBJ

8. YouTube Work Space, Los Angeles

The main lobby area of the YouTube workspace located just south of Los Angeles in Playa Vista. Image: YouTube

YouTube creators have access to 41,000 square feet of work and office space. Image: YouTube

9. Pandora Radio, Oakland

Each booth lights up when occupied. Image: Studios Architecture

Pandora Radio Oakland offices reception. Image: Studios Architecture

10. LinkedIn, San Francisco

Bright, airy and vibrant in white with bold colour accents. Image: Interior Architects

Polished concrete floors add an industrial and low-maintenance vibe to the NYC office space. Image: Interior Architects

SOURCE - Freshhome.


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