The 7C's office design that will motivate your employees

Posted on 08 August 2018

Office design has a huge influence on talent recruitment and employee retention. Employees who feel good about their workspace are more productive. When designing an office space to appeal to your employees, consider the 7 C’s:

• Your office design should communicate and support your company’s culture, which is defined by your leadership, values, governance, level of employee involvement, etc.
• For example, a company that supports sustainable environmental practices could have a shelf beside the water cooler where employees stow their re-fillable water bottles at the end of the day.

• Office design trends are cyclical – try to keep a mix of trendy and classic styles.
• Your furniture can be refreshed and refurbished rather than replaced with each new emerging design trend.

• Comfort in office design means looking out for things that would distract or disrupt your employees’ productivity.
• Create a comfortable work environment by paying attention to things like adjustable lighting, ventilation and heating or cooling. All of these help to protect employees from eyestrain, neck strain and other problems associated with physical tension in response to irritants.
• Choose carpets, paints and wall covering materials and fixatives that won’t aggravate allergies and chemical sensitivities.

• Ask for contributions from your employees before redesigning your office.
• Whether you take a little, or a lot, of employee contribution, the fact that you asked will help them take ownership of the space as a reflection of who they are and what they do.
Balancing Collaboration, Contemplation and Community

• The final 3 C’s stress that a good office design must balance the need for collaboration, contemplation and community.
• Your space needs to be flexible to be re-configured to provide variety.
• There should be a space for private tasks, collaborative tasks and a community space for the entire organization.


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