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Staff productivity is directly tied to comfort. If the seat they are on for eight hours or longer is not comfortable, that will be the focus. Ergonomic chairs that provide support and proper alignment will have staff seated and focused on the work ahead of them until the end of the day. 

The Aeron office chair designed just for Herman Miller is a groundbreaker and a benchmark. With the understanding that the human body does not have any straight lines, a design was created that is biomorphic or curvilinear just like the human body. The Aeron chair does not have a single straight line. 

Aeron office chairs made for the Herman Miller line also have unmatched performance. Every bit of material and every mechanism on Aeron chairs push the envelope. It is the very first chair with no foam and fabric. Instead, the chairs have a woven suspension membrane that is completely breathable. It also has a unique Pellicle seat and back. These features distribute weight evenly and eliminate pressure points and stop heat from building up.

In an office, image is important. The Aeron chair has a distinctive look with its curves and the transparent Pellicle suspension. This chair was actually added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art even before a single one had been sold. 

Before it got a spot at the Museum and in so many offices after its release into the market, the Aeron design underwent rigorous tests. Random testers sat on it and tested it for comfort against the best work chairs. It was also tested by orthopedic specialists, ergonomists and physical therapists who evaluated its motion and fit, whether it was easy to adjust and the benefits it offered. Anthropometric studies were also carried out across the country. Result- the Aeron work chair offers unsurpassed comfort. 

Comfortable work chairs are an investment that pays off everyday when the staff are seated at their desk. They will also earn you points for an attractive, well-appointed office. You don't have to worry about wear either. Aeron chairs are built to last and worn parts can easily be replaced and recycled. 

Apart from Aeron, Herman Miller has a line of other work chairs designed by handpicked designers. A Herman Miller label is a guarantee of the best quality.

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