A borderless world, a highly information-oriented society, and
a declining birthrate and an aging population—these are some of
the major trends of our times. The issues surrounding our work and
private lives are becoming increasingly diverse and complex and, in
recent years, work style reforms have also become a major theme for
society as a whole.

Amid such change, KOKUYO’s determination to meet the challenges
both of society and of our customers remains steadfast; indeed, it has
been a core principle of our company for over 100 years and will
continue to be so.

At KOKUYO, we seek to ensure that our customers can continue to work,
learn, and live in an ever-more creative and fruitful manner.
To this end, we intend to astutely grasp the changes of the times, and
work hard to offer products and services that both lead to the creation
of unique KOKUYO values and contribute to problem-solving.
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Created and Designed by KOKUYO in-house designer; Kazutaka Oki. AIRFORT is packed with innovative design with advanced functionality. The prominent...

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