RH Logic

For staff to perform and be optimally productive, comfort is important. It is simple logic. Office workers are typically seated for hours at a time and they can become distracted with problems like an aching back or neck when they have been seated for long periods. RH Logic understands that and meets this need with the RH range of Logic chairs.

One option is the RH Logic 400. This ergonomic high back chair not only helps to remedy back pain but to prevent it. It is built on a unique two-point principle of active seating and enhancing the correct posture. The chair actually improves breathing and circulation which stimulates the muscles. It also has one to one tilt action which provides constant back support no matter which position one is seated in. You can 'design your own' by choosing the fabric colour, armrests on no armrests, headrest or no headrest, a standard or coccyx cut-out which helps to heal an injured coccyx,a memory foam seat pad for extra comfort and other features.

You can also go for the RH Logic 400 Elegance. This one has a high backrest that has extra padding so that there is maximum support between the shoulders. This also provides more support to the curve f the back which ensures maximum sitting comfort and relief for strain after long periods of sitting. Also, the backrest is made such that it narrows towards the top which means free arm movement.

The RH Logic 300 is another option. It comes with a 440mm by 510mm backrest, a neck rest and arm rests. In this range there is also the RH Logic 300 Elegance which has the same features and an upholstered back shell.

The specifics of these and other ergonomic chairs can be overwhelming. Boss Designs will step in to make sure you make the right choices by offering consultation with an ergonomics expert on site at no extra cost. Once you are guided through the options and make your choice, delivery will be arranged. You can go on with business with staff whom you know are as comfortable as they can be.

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