Frederick Scott: Designer of System Supporto.

Frederick Scott's career spanned nearly 40 years of celebrated furniture design and garnered numerous awards including a Design Award from the Design Council.

In 1976 he designed System Supporto, which was conceived as a comprehensive range of office furniture. The System Supporto Task Chair was launched in 1979 and immediately won national and international acclaim, soon followed by a range of stools, seating solutions and tables.

Supporto's role is to apply its design and engineering knowledge and experience to produce highly functional furniture from sound, responsible materials and minimal components. System Supporto products should improve work areas and public spaces, be simple to use, easy to clean and maintain and be long-lasting and enjoyable for all who come into contact with them. Designed for real-life and built to last a lifetime.

Supporto's products are used by some of the world's most innovative and renowned organisations and have quickly become established in quality-conscious work cultures around the world including Germany, USA and Japan.

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