Based in Switzerland, Vitra's diligent design and engineering teams produce superb quality office chairs that are widely held to be among the best you can get. They are classic or contemporary chairs built for the modern office combining inspiring looks with ergonomic comfort and expert construction.

Vitra chairs are solidly built to ensure they withstand the rigours of daily office use, and our refurbished models are restored to the quality you'd expect direct from the manufacturer and show the same exacting standards of durability and extended life expectancy, so you know that even though these chairs come at a price they're a sound long term investment. This is even more true of our refurbished models coming at a huge discount to the manufacturer's list price without any sacrifice in terms of quality, condition, or appearance.

Ergonomics plays a vital role in the Vitra range, with their chairs being adjustable in numerous ways to provide comfort over the course of even the longest working day. Armrests can be adjusted for both width and height, while adjustable backs and seats provide a perfect fit for every user. 

While Vitra are well known for their superior quality, design values, and engineering, they are also known for their high prices - quality costs, of course. By shopping with us you get these same high product values without the expense - our chairs are a fraction of the price of buying new, yet are virtually indistinguishable from the chairs leaving the manufacturer's factory. Fully refurbished and quality checked before shipping, our high standards ensure you'll be getting a superior quality Vitra chair at an affordable price.

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